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Everything you need to know so you can use our directory like a pro!


When a search for your HVAC business is done on various search engines, such as Google or Bing, your business will come up on our directory where potential customers can view your details and contact you for services.

Our directory offers advanced filtering options that allow your customers to connect with you in your local area. When a customer enters their location’s city and state in the search filter, your business will show up for them ensuring that the leads you get are from your local and surrounding area that you service.

By ensuring that all your business details are current and accurate, you can increase the engagement of local customers when they search for services like yours on our directory. This is important because most customers don’t search for a business by name but rather by services that they need. With an updated business page you’ll engage more customers which will help increase leads and revenue for your business.

When customers performs a search on our site your business will show up, along with other matching results, and provide customers with a snapshot of your business details. When the customer clicks on your listing, to learn more about your business and services offered, they will get specific details such as your website, services, social media links, hours, business description, etc. This increase in awareness to your brand will keep your business at the top of the customer’s mind which boosts your opportunity of getting their business.

Great service can lead to great reviews for your business. With a rating review section, on your business listing, customers can tells others about the quality of your service. This is crucial for a good online reputation. You also have the ability to respond to any reviews about your business, positive or negative, giving you a chance to let other customers see how well you handle customer service and value your customers’ business.

Placing your business on listing directories can improve your overall search engine optimization (SEO) when done correctly. By updating your listing with current and accurate information it will help search engines such as Google validate the presence of your business online.

With a detailed listing about your business and services, on this site, you can improve the customer journey from research to purchase making it more efficient and profitable. This also can improve your listings SEO and help you attract the right customers to not only your directory listing but also to your website and social media.

Getting Started

To claim your business listing, all you have to do is visit the listing and click “Claim Now” to begin registering as its owner. Claiming your listing gives you control of the information displayed on your business listing, based on your subscription plan. This includes your logo, business description, contact info, etc.

Once you have registered as a Listing Author, and claimed your listing (or if your business is not listed and you wish to add it), you will be redirected to the Owner Dashboard where you can manage your account. The process is quick and easy; however, feel free to contact us and we’ll walk you through it. 

Now that you’re registered with a listing subscription plan you can customize your profile and your business listing, according to your plan, from within the Owner Dashboard. Update all the details of your business from your:

  • Logo
  • Phone Number
  • Business Address
  • Lead Email
  • Website
  • Business Description
  • Services Offered
  • Promotions
  • Video
  • Operating Hours
  • and more!

Pricing Plans

A Basic business listing plan is a subscription allows you to update the minimal info shown on your listing including:

  • Business Title
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Address
  • Business Hours

The Pro business listing subscription is a step up from the Basic plan which includes everything in the Basic plan along with:

  • Tags/Keywords
  • Image Gallery
  • Social Links
  • FAQs
  • Deals/Offers
  • Hide Competitor Ads
  • Hide Google Ads

The Premium business listing subscription is the top tier plan for serious businesses wanting to stand out from their competition. This plan includes everything in the Basic and Pro plans and also includes:



Sales Questions

A business listing is generated from our database to allow consumers to find HVAC service providers in their local area as well as provide reviews that become helpful to other consumers in the research stage of the hiring process.

While other directory listing websites like Yelp and Angie’s take a wide approach and list businesses from several different industries, we take a more targeted approach by focusing exclusively on the HVAC industry, your industry, which gives us the advantage of ensuring that all of our web traffic is targeted only to those looking for plumbing services and nothing else. This is how our clients benefit the most. 

Clients with a paid subscription plan are billed monthly via Stripe’s secured credit card payment portal. 

Once you have registered your account, selected a subscription plan and submit your payment information, you can begin updating your business listing the same day.

Feel free to send us a message, during business hours, and we’ll assist with your account. All of our support info can be found within the Owner Dashboard under the “Help” side tab.

No way. While our paid subscription plans are renew monthly, you are free to terminate your subscription, at any time, with a 30-day notice. At the end of your cancellation period we will remove your business listing from our site; however, it will remain in our database for 6 months in case you decide to come back. Please be sure to review our Advertiser Agreement for more information. 

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions – such as web design and development, SEO, PPC, social media management, etc. – that can help grow your business and increase revenue. Feel free to use our Marketing Services Request form to inquire and get more details about these additional services. 

Usage Guides

If you believe someone else has claimed your business listing in error you can dispute the claim. You need to be a registered user to dispute a claim.

Navigate to the business listing in question, enter your message for the current claimant, and this will be sent to them for action.

When you dispute a Claim we start a 28 day timer in which the dispute must be resolved between you both. The current Claimant must respond to your message, and thereafter you can send us the messages to review and resolve your dispute.

There are three possible outcomes for a dispute:

  1. The current Claimant forfeits their Claim and the Claimed Business Listing is transferred to you – you become the new Claimant and inherit the remaining Claim time and any associated Promotions;
  2. You decide to withdraw the dispute and the Claimed Business Listing remains with the existing Claimant;
  3. If for any reason the dispute is not resolved within 28 days we’ll step in to arbitrate and either transfer the Claim or uphold the existing Claim.

You must first make sure that you have claimed your business listing (or register to create a new listing) and selected a subscription plan. From there it’s as easy as going to the Owner Dashboard, click on “My Listing” (from the left side options). You can then edit all of your business detail by simply scrolling down the option list. Along with adding your business information and uploading gallery photos of your business, you can also add your company logo as the featured image. You can gain more views by adding a link to a YouTube video you want customers to check out. Add FAQs answering the most asked questions about your services and even add an image to use as you business listing’s header photo to customize your page even further. There’s so much room to be creative to attract more customers to your listing!

You can’t please all of your customers all of the time, no matter how good of a job you do. Negative reviews are an unfortunate but completely normal part of doing business.

While it’s important to look for patterns in your reviews (e.g., job was never completed to satisfaction or that a service tech is rude), you shouldn’t read too much into any one review. Most consumers are looking for a consensus among all of the reviews they read rather than to focus on any one review, so you should do the same.

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